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Air Line – Air-supported discharging  

The Air Line products expand the ionizing unit (discharge ionizers) with air support.

The neutralization of surfaces can be optimized significantly with the use of low-pressure compressed air. The flow of air improves the transportation of ions to the charged surface: More Ions reach the charged surface over a larger distance. Even structured surfaces with recesses can be neutralized better and faster.

Electrostatic charges act on particles, airborne particles, fibres, shavings, etc. like a magnet. This is why electrostatically attached impurities can frequently be found on material surfaces, as well as the disruptive electrostatic charges. These impurities can be removed significantly better with ionized compressed air. The compressed air also transports the ions over longer distances onto the charged surface in a targeted manner.

In our Air Line ionizing units, air is used in three different types:

  1. Low pressure: This is generated by the ionizing systems themselves. It serves to optimize the transport of ions over larger distances and offer an improved neutralization of structured surfaces.
  2. Moderate pressure: The affordable alternative to compressed air is provided by a side channel compressor. As well as optimized ion transport, this allows you to blow clean slightly contaminated surfaces.
  3. Compressed air: This must be provided in the current air quality. This is the preferred option for the intensive cleaning of highly contaminated surfaces. Several ionizing units can be combined with a suction hood. In this way, the blown-off particles can be reliably and permanently removed.

Different structures are advantageous, depending on your application. This is why you will find a vast number of ionizing units in our extensive range for manual operation as well as for stationary installation. This includes ring ionizers for compressed air pistols and integrated ionization, ring ionizers for fixed installation, stationary air gates with integrated ionizing wands, air gates with rotating nozzles and pendulum style air gates.

All these different versions can be custom sized for individual customer needs.

Ionizing unit

Air gates

Hand-operated ionizing units

Ionizing units

Ion-Air blower

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