Removing electrostatic charges solves problems.

Electrostatic charges in your production processes or in your machinery must be neutralised because they

  • cause problems with material
  • cause problems by attracting dust
  • expose your employees to the risk of an electric shock
  • create a fire hazard

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HAUG offers solutions with active ionisation systems that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your facilities. The ionising bars are safe to touch because they are galvanically isolated from high voltage.

The advantages:

  • HAUG discharging systems remove electrostatic charges and enable contact-free dedusting of electrostatic adhering particles on surfaces.
  • Electrostatically-cleaned surfaces minimise production inaccuracies, reduce scrap rates and prevent loss of quality.
  • Air purifiers with ionisers remove dust and prevent dust from being attracted again during the next process.
  • By removing and neutralising static electricity, you optimise safety during your work and production processes.

In particular,

  • in the plastics industry
  • in the medical technology sector (medtech)
  • in the pharmaceutical industry
  • in mechanical engineering
  • in the clock industry
  • in the packaging industry
  • at printing companies and companies that transcribe graphics

Measures against electrostatic charges solve many problems.

Many components in HAUG Ionisation systems are produced in Biel in accordance with Swiss safety and quality standards as well as the EN ISO 9001:2015 norms. The power supply unit can be repaired and is thus considered to be of sustainable quality with regard to investment security and environmental protection.

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