Entladung Gleichspannung – DC Line

Charge Line – Charging

HAUF charge generators are sources of uniform voltage with an adjustable output voltage between 0 and 40kVDC. All charge generators are available with positive or negative polarity. Depending on your application, generators are available in one of the following versions:

  • AG – to operate ALS type electrodes
  • TR – to operate Triode/ALM type electrodes
  • AGW/AG – to operate ALW type electrodes

The fitting electrodes and triodes are available in customer-specific lengths. The distance from the surface being charged is typically between 10 — 30 mm.

Information: It is highly recommended that you dischargethe surfaces using a HAUG ionizing system before fixing the materials. This means that any existing surface charges are removed, so that in the second stage, you can create a defined charge using a HAUG charging system.

A suitable return electrode is required to charge the various materials. If this is not available through the metal on the machine itself, it must be created using an ionizing wand, for example.

Charging generators

Charging generators

Charging generators (resistance-coupled)

Charging generators Tri-Stat

Charging devices

Charging devices-e

Charging devices (resistance-coupled)

Charging devices Tri-Stat

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