Electrostatic charging fixes elements precisely and securely

You need electrostatic charging to fix elements in your production processes:

HAUG charging systems offer specifically-customised solutions for your industry and facilities.

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Application examples:

  • Fixation of separating powder during the manufacture of cables
  • Fixation/blocking of stacks of paper when cross-cutting
  • Removal of trapped air during the further processing of tubular bags
  • Foil fixation in packaging machines (in-mold-labelling/process)
  • Fixation of the components of a plaster during the manufacturing process

The advantages:

  • contact-free fixation
  • more efficient production processes
  • reduction of the scrap rate
  • lower maintenance costs due to less mechanical components
  • lower investment costs compared to mechanical alternatives

The HAUG charging system also works in harsh industrial conditions. Many components are produced in Biel in accordance with Swiss safety and quality standards as well as the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 norms. The power supply units can be repaired and are thus considered to be of sustainable quality with regard to investment security and environmental protection.

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