High-voltage measuring devices and high-voltage testers reliably support you when ionisation problems arise

To control electrostatics, you must know their polarities and the charge intensities. HAUG high-voltage measuring devices help you with this by making invisible charging moments visible to you.

The advantages:

  • You localise electrostatic charges in your production processes and can carry out appropriate measures.
  • You use or reduce electrostatics profitably.
  • You improve work safety and quality assurance.
  • You improve yield security.

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All HAUG measuring devices can be calibrated. Our well-trained application engineers will support you with this, just like when designing the most appropriate ionisation solutions for you.

You already use ionisation systems and would like to check their functions? HAUG high-voltage testers reliably do that for you.

The advantages:

  • easy to use
  • improved safety in your production processes
  • timely recognition of disruptive factors and minimisation of scrap and repair costs

Many of the components in HAUG high-voltage measuring devices and high-voltage testers are produced in Biel in accordance with Swiss safety and quality standards as well as the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 norms.

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